Getting Started

Changing the way you and your family eat can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to do, a lot to research, and a lot to think about. And as moms, we have a lot of free time so it’s easy to meal plan and prep and research, am I right? (Rolling on the floor laughing)

A year ago I didn’t even know where to start or even what to do – changing our diet felt like an insurmountable mountain. Rather than giving up before I started I decided I would take one step at a time. I challenged myself to goals -just one at a time -and before I knew it, I and my family were eating paleo, whole30, and keto like pros. And wow! Did it ever change our lives!

The best part was that it didn’t feel that hard since the steps built on each other and it was sustainable because my habits, cravings, and lifestyle had slowly changed to match my new diet. This also lessened the effects of withdrawal and detoxing which was huge (since moms never get a day off!). I tried the same approach with my kids and husband and it worked just as well.

Before I knew it I had climbed the mountain one step at a time. My health and my life were transformed. My husband and my kids became healthier. Our moods improved. Our energy increased. All of our symptoms went away. We now feel like doing more fun stuff. And it didn’t feel that hard.

So here are the ground rules:

  • Focus on one goal, and only one, at a time. Each goal can take as long as needed, but no feeling guilty for not working on more than just that goal.

  • Stay on the current goal until it no longer feels like extra work and has now become a natural part of your lifestyle.

You have the power to transform your and your family’s health. Start with the first step.

For those of you supermoms out there who want to do it all at once, check out This is a great resource for people who like to, and are able to, jump in all the way. If that’s you, then check out my blog for some tips and recipes to make it easier.

  • Pre-Goal: Make a meal plan and weekly grocery list

    This is a big help when you are trying new recipes! One of the hardest parts of switching your diet is making sure you always have “clean” food on hand for when hunger strikes. It’s also helpful to remind yourself to look for healthy substitutions for your favorite snack food AND it’s a proven way to save money!

    My favorite tool has been the Paprika Grocery and Menu App. I rarely buy apps but this one I have never regretted buying for a moment. It allows you to search for recipes, add them from the internet to the app, add them to your weekly menu in just one click, and create your grocery list! I use it every week and have found it to be a big time saver.

    I also keep a chalkboard in the kitchen with lists of what’s available to eat for snacks, side dishes, and main dishes. This way I don’t forget anything in the back of the fridge and everyone is not constantly asking me what there is to snack on.

    Whatever you use, just use something! It will make your meal planning and prep much easier and organized.

  • Pre-Goal: Start taking a good quality probiotic

    Probiotics are essential to gut health. Since our health begins with the gut it is vitally important that our gut is happy and healthy. Start taking a good quality probiotic now to begin strengthening your gut for all of the detoxing that’s coming up.

    Our favorite brand is RenewLife Ultimate Flora


It is not necessary that these goals are done in order although it can make it a little easier since they build on each other. The ultimate goal is to heal your body by switching it to a fat metabolism while eating healthy and natural whole foods. For the best results it is ideal to be free from all of these irritants together for at least 30 days before trying to reintroduce them. I personally needed to be free from them for close to 6 months before I was able to handle some in limited doses for an occasional “cheat day.” However, I feel so good eating this way that I have no plans to regularly eat any of them again! Removing all irritants, at least for a time, is necessary to “reset” your health, heal your gut, and heal the health issues you and your family struggle with.* Nothing tastes as good as it feels to feel this good!

Click on each goal for more information and tips on how to do it

Helpful things to do as you go:

  • Replace items in your pantry as you run out of them with the healthiest version available

  • Switch to a natural deodorant to aid your body in detoxing

*For certain conditions, you may want to also consider eliminating all nuts, seeds, and nightshade foods.