What Is A Fat Metabolism

I love energy. You love energy. We all love energy! So how can we get more of it?!

Your body can make energy from either carbs (glucose) or fat. A healthy body will be able to switch easily from one to the other. However, when a diet has become too focused on carbs and sugar it starts to lose that ability and can get “stuck” in a carb metabolism. Most people are primarily in a fat metabolism or a carb metabolism.

If you are not sure what metabolism you are in ask yourself:

What do you crave? Do you often crave something sweet, desserts, breads or other types of grains?

Do you feel like you don’t get filled up from a meal unless it contains some sort of grain (like bread, pasta, rice, etc.)?

If you forego your daily chocolate, donut, or bagel, do you miss it?

Do you find it extremely uncomfortable to skip a meal?

Are you having difficulty losing weight, especially those last few pounds?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are likely in a carb metabolism. Don’t worry, it won’t kill you…right away. Most of North Americans are struggling with being stuck in a carb metabolism and have been for the last 200 years. But before that, before processed food and the abundance of processed sugar and corn and when people were eating locally grown meats, eggs, and produce in season most people would have been primarily running a fat metabolism.

The benefits of a fat metabolism are numerous and provide healing effects for the body. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, cancer, obesity, heart disease, sleep disorders, migraines, allergies, any disorders having to do with low energy…the list goes on,each one improving or being healed completely and many (if not all) prevented. It is like a “reset” for the health of the body. Fat is the clean fuel they need to burn efficiently.

To switch your body to a fat metabolism you need to consume high amounts of (preferably healthy) fats and low amounts of carbs. A typical plate would be half filled with vegetables cooked in fat, a decent sized portion of meat (fat included!), and maybe a small serving of potatoes or fruit thrown in. Little to no grains and no processed sugar.

When I personally started to pursue “clean eating” I sought to change my diet to fit what was naturally available on the earth in the most unprocessed form possible. That seemed to consistently be the most nutrition packed way to eat. For instance, truly raw nuts are much more nutritious than roasted. Pasture raised chicken eggs are much more nutritious than conventionally raised. I started baking my own bread from flour I ground myself. In doing this, I naturally fell into a fat metabolism without even trying.

When I first experienced being in a fat metabolism I felt better than I ever had in my adult life. I felt like my body was healing itself from the inside out. My gut was finally working for me by producing huge amounts of energy. My brain was clear and sharp. I felt calm, relaxed, and optimistic every day.

I was overwhelmed by the changes. I just felt right, like this was how my body was made to function. I started to research the science behind it and soon found that the science backs it up. Our bodies do start healing themselves. The amount of energy produced increases significantly. Our brains work better. We are able to physiologically handle stress better. And all the bad stuff? It becomes preventable and in many cases, cured.

After about six months of a low carb diet I could tell that my body had been healed. My metabolism had been reset and potentially even a leaky gut issue had been healed. I am now able to eat food that had previously given me an adverse reaction to eat. I can now handle more carbs and seamlessly switch back and forth between metabolisms without any negative side effects. While it’s nice to be able to have more fruit and carbs, I still primarily eat healthy fats since nothing compares to that clean energy that our bodies were designed to burn.