What’s Kaleo?

Clean eating. No processed junk. Instead, it’s making fresh fruits and colorful veggies, yummy meat and lots of healthy fat as a busy mom feeding picky eaters. Most importantly, it’s about resetting your health by switching your body over from burning carbs (carb metabolism) to burning fat (fat metabolism) so that your cravings and taste buds change, making it easy to turn this into a lifestyle.

Paleo is the epitome of clean eating because it cuts out all the toxic substances we regularly consume that have an adverse effect on our health. Food like grains, sugar, dairy, legumes and other processed foods wreak havoc on our gut, which determines the health of our body – good or bad.

However, paleo is not fun if you’re still trying to live it while stuck in a carb metabolism. It’s only after our bodies can easily make the switch to a fat metabolism that it gets easy and feels natural. Everyone is a little different in the amount of carbs they can consume but the premise is the same: Healthy fat is what the body craves!

The mitochondria in our bodies can either turn carbs (glucose) into energy or turn fats into energy. We can survive either way but the difference in how our bodies are affected is huge. When the mitochondria get to use fat instead of carbs energy increases, inflammation reduces all over our body, stress is reduced on a physiological level, cells start to regenerate and repair themselves (another way to say that it slows down aging!), excess fat disappears (new wardrobe anyone?), and a whole bunch of other good stuff happens. Research is coming out about more and more diseases that regress, and in some cases even get completely healed just through eating this way (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, autism, cancer, depression, bipolar, anxiety, fibral myalgia, etc.)

This is what keto on a physiological level is all about – switching your metabolism over. However, a lot of keto dieters still keep processed junk and unhealthy fats on the menu as long as they are low carb which is not doing your body any long term good. Kaleo combines both unprocessed (Paleo) and low carb (Keto) principles to “reset” your metabolism so that you can find the balance that works for your body to naturally perform at an optimum level mentally, physically and emotionally.