Goal 2: Eliminate gut harming processed ingredients

Spoiler: This is going to include most packaged food. If it crinkles, it’s probably processed.

Why do this?

Your body was made, or evolved, to ingest whole, natural foods. When you give it these foods it knows what to do with them. It quickly and efficiently converts them into energy and absorbs the nutrients. When you put unknown, chemically altered substances into your body it doesn’t know what to do with them. It cannot use them so it filters them out via your liver. If you ingest too many and overload your liver they start to leak into the bloodstream, or are deposited anywhere your body has room, like into fat cells.

What happens when you do this over time and more and more toxic substances build up in your body? Well, insert a long list of bad symptoms . But the worst part is that studies have already begun linking many of these processed ingredients to cancer. I’m not going to sit around and wait for them to link the rest.

MSG has (so far) been linked to obesity, migraines fibromyalgia, liver problems, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, neurological issues, gut issues, and much more. It’s obviously something our bodies do not recognize. Just because you may not have a problem now, doesn’t mean it isn’t causing damage. Don’t wait until you start having symptoms!

The worst part is that MSG itself is called by many other names. So to truly avoid it you need to avoid all those other names too.

I’ll make it easy on you, and deal you a harsh blow all at once. It’s pretty much in everything highly processed. Yeah, it sucks, I know. But, if you really want to read the labels of your favorite items just to make sure, you can find the list here. It is most often added as a thickener for sauces, and to add flavor. The flavor it adds though is not that great in my opinion – not once your tastes have changed to appreciate real food. But if they haven’t yet, be prepared to think some healthier foods are a little more bland.

Research substitutes for your favorite items. You might find a perfectly acceptable replacement. I know that I have found healthy versions of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, stir fry sauces, and more that we are all very happy with.

Another big one you want to avoid is soy. I have no idea who first started that whole “soy is a super food” business because that was the worst idea ever. Soy is like grains. If it is prepared properly, soaked, fermented (like natto), organic, and taken in limited quantities as part of a balanced whole food diet, then it is fine. But sadly, it is put into 80% of processed food in its most unhealthy form.

Soy causes women’s hormones to get out of whack and has been linked to breast cancer, cervical cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome and other hormone imbalance-related disorders in women. Need to get your husband on your side? Soy causes an imbalance in estrogen which can give males more feminine characteristics. Lastly, most soy is a GMO, which are responsible for killing off the good bacteria in your gut and wreaking havoc on your digestive system.

How to do this:

Start reading the labels of everything you buy and avoid these ingredients:

  • MSG (and all its names)

  • Soy

  • Carrageenan

  • Sulfites

  • Nitrates

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Anything that’s not an easily recognizable natural food item.

If you’re anything like me, this is going to include a lot of what you buy. It’s definitely going to make you realize how many harmful substances you were letting slip through the cracks of your resistance. Obviously if you have one of these here and there it’s not going to kill you but you will see changes happen to your body to the extent that you make changes in the way that you eat.

Take care of your gut. It is the source of health, good or bad, for the rest of your body. Eliminating these ingredients is going to feel like magic towards the goal of healing your gut. It’s worth doing it just to see what effect it will have on you. What you are really doing is cutting out the crap that bogs it down, freeing it to do its job of promoting health to your entire body. Don’t be surprised if your immune system takes an upward trend at this point too.

YI found out quickly that I had to cook more Food myself. It was an adjustment at first. It was much easier though when I let myself take my time to adjust my routine and strategies for cooking (leftovers anyone?). I didn’t throw anything we had away, I just replaced it with a healthier version the next time it ran out.

I now spend more time in the kitchen, it’s true. Maybe about 30% more. But as I have roughly 200% more energy now, and we all get sick less often, and our free time is spent doing stuff (sianara binge tv) and enjoying life more, it’s a fair trade off in my opinion.


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